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Map "Mandrik" version 28.08.18 - Description: Technique on the map: - diesel locomotives TGM3 and TEM7. - railway platform, can transport garage parts in containers and long logs. There are switches to the railway tracks. Hungary MAP v0.9.28 Update [1.27] mod for ETS 2 Hungary MAP v0.9.28 Update [1.27] - Description: Standalone map modification for Euro Truck Simulator 2, containing a work-in-progress, 1:3 scaled representation of the Hungarian road system as it existed around circa 2002. Level Meratus Offroad v 2.0 Level Meratus Offroad v 2.0 - Description: This map upgrade from meratus offroad v1.0, more obstacles, more challenges, more difficult & longer routes. On this map: - 2 Garage (1 opened) - 2 Lumber - 2 Objective - 6 Fuel - 6 Vechine Slots … La luna17 v1, American Wilds II --- - the swamp is not accessible for trucks!! Or you will have a hard time!! - If you not have the DLC, see the mod (forwarder dlc) see the link below. - You will use the winch several times. - Its handy to intall the mod tool, for the …

Krone Garage - Description: – for all cities – v.1.32 Steam:​id=1099964996 Facebook: YouTube: Thank you for …

Map "Go, go" Map "Go, go" - Description: on the map: 1 garage (closed); 1 refueling; 2 loading points; 10 cars, 4 slots of them - replaceable; 5 sawmills; 8 points of intelligence. Credits: Ivan Voshilko (Ivan (96RUS))

So, is there any part of the year WG will give garage slots for in game silver, or giveaways/competitions? In all honesty, I am not in a position to spend cash on getting gold for buying garage slots (I wish I could, but meh).

World of Tanks M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII Bundles Are Now Available ... May 5, 2017 ... Bonus Garage Slot. ○ Fully Trained “Zero Skill” Crew with Brothers in Arms Perk. ○ Unique Inscription Customization Options. ○ All Mods ...

Source: QuickyBaby World of Tanks XVM Mod Pack by QuickyBaby for 9.18!​yBaby Modpack 9.18 v1

Solo's Easy ModPack - Download the mods for World of Tanks (WoT) Download Solo's Easy ModPack for the game World of Tanks on the official website of WoT. Get an advantage over the enemy in battle. Empty Garage Slot - General Discussion - World of Tanks official forum Empty Garage Slot - posted in General Discussion: How about letting us sell empty garage slots? If we regret it we just have to buy more premium tanks or gold to purchase more.

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Krone Garage - Description: – for all cities – v.1.32 Steam:​id=1099964996 Facebook: YouTube: Thank you for … Map"Skidderhill" version 1.0 Map"Skidderhill" version 1.0 - Description: On the map: -2 sawmill -1 garage(open) -1 dressing -1 timber -2 the point of loading -4 points of intelligence -3 slots Credits: nickerchuck Map Arm 2 v 1.0 Map Arm 2 v 1.0 - Description: On the map there is 1 garage (opened) 4 refills 5 points of reconnaissance 7 saws 1 sawmill + 1 point of loading 3 machines + 4 slots Credits: Ando1 Map "At the Limit" v 1.0 Description: On the map: The garage is closed. 11 points of exploration Two loading points. 5 saws 3 closed machines (Kamaz-6520, K-700, Gas-66) + 4 slots Two trolleys of garage parts, plus a semi-trailer for 4 points of the garage.